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 Factory gp3 rep problems

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PostSubject: Factory gp3 rep problems   Thu Aug 31, 2006 6:10 pm

Markyb wrote this technical section about gp3rep factory problems

For those of you that have recently bought a GP3 Rep, and are having running problems, i have found a few of the problems and i am hoping the information can help someone else.
The first thing they need is the little end bearing replaced with a BZM part.
If you find you cannot use full throttle, and it feel's like fuel starvation. Then it is likely your coil has had it, on mine i found that it was basicly giving me a very weak spark, so if i pulled the throttle right back it just sufficated the spark. Which is also the reason why it was a little better when we played with the fuel/mixture scew or needle..
So you need to purchase a Genuine polini coil part number:143.600.003 26.31.

Some of them also suffer from the water pump belt rubbing on the stator plate, and the pull start rubbing on the end of the crank nut. On some there is Also the case of a missing spacer/washer behind the clutch drum.
After looking at the schematic diagrams for the GP3 on the net, i found that the spacer is not missing, it has just been put on the wrong end of the crank.
The spacer that should be on the clutch side, was behind the water pump wheel, causing the wheel not to line up with the water pump. When removed the belt sits perfectly, the nut on the end of the crank goes on another 1mm, which now means it does not rub on the pull start any more.
Also found that the choke does not close properly, so i removed the choke and put a 2mm copper washer in, and now it closes correctly.

There is also a jet issue which myself and Hally are working on at the minute. It seems that now the choke closers properly the engine is not getting enough fuel higher up in the revs. I will update the jet size required once we have solved the issue.


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Factory gp3 rep problems
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